Progress Rollbase 4.0 — it’s a radical RAD (platform)

Progress (pronounced proh-gress, not pro-gress) has announced the latest release of its rapid application development platform, Progress Rollbase with UI enhancements and other goodies.

The new UI is redesigned using Telerik Kendo UI widgets, allowing applications to run unchanged on a wide range of devices.

Latest version of leading rapid application development platform includes new, responsive UI and seamless Telerik portfolio integration, as well as access to brand new Rollbase Marketplace

Latest version of leading rapid application development platform includes new, responsive UI and seamless Telerik portfolio integration, as well as access to brand new Rollbase Marketplace

In addition, application developers who want to customize an application UI now have access to the full Telerik Kendo UI Professional Edition library.

15 themes, sounds like a dream

Users can select from any one of 15 built-in application themes, including two sets of complementary light and dark themes, to provide flexibility and individuality in the appearance of an application.

“Progress has a long-standing reputation for providing customers with technology solutions that deliver competitive advantages to drive businesses forward. But with the age of digital business transformation upon us, it’s important that applications not only work well, but offer an engaging user experience, too,” said Brandon Satrom, general manager for developer platforms and tools, Progress. “The latest Rollbase release brings together a nexus of forces–the reliable ‘system of record’ application development platform of Progress, with the ability to create a modern UI using Kendo UI framework–and deliver the beautiful mobile apps Telerik is known for. It’s clear proof of an acquisition strategy done right.”

New in Rollbase 4.0:

Integration with Telerik Platform: The offering gives developers access to Rollbase data and user authentication, for use in building mobile applications–without downloading SDKs or learning a new language.

Specifically, Progress Rollbase platform now integrates with Telerik® AppBuilder via a Progress Data Catalog file (.json) and Telerik® ScreenBuilder via the Progress Data Service (JSDO). Customers can build web-based business applications integrated with mobile apps in a fraction of the time it would take using other tools.

Rollbase Marketplace: Progress also announced the Progress Rollbase Marketplace, an online storefront where customers can post, share and download Progress Rollbase applications. The Marketplace is customizable and “brandable” to meet the needs of specific customer segments, and offers three categories of applications:

  • Application templates provided by Progress (royalty-free)
  • Open source applications provided by Progress customers and partners (royalty-free)
  • Listing information for Progress Rollbase applications, from Progress partners (for purchase)

“For our customers and partners, this is exciting news,” said Satrom. “The cloud-based mobile application development capabilities in Telerik Platform strongly complement the rapid application development capabilities of Progress Rollbase platform. Progress is now able to create a powerful developer experience, not only by offering tools to build highly customized user interfaces, but by enabling digital transformation with the integration of two truly modern application development platforms.”

Quick Start Tutorial and Fast Track Page: To help new users get up to speed quickly, Progress created a Fast Track page, featuring a Quick Start Tutorial to guide users through creating an application. The page also includes links to user assistance videos and documentation.

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